Rewake Inc. was cultivated as a movement to motivate and empower others through a real, no-nonsense approach to navigating life. From various speaking engagements for special events to mentorship in Rewake Inc.’s ManUp Program, threads of positivity, humor and authenticity are sewn into each mission.

Behind Rewake

As a dynamic communicator, Phil Brown works in various forms of artistic media while engaging his audience in an uplifting and inspiring message.  Phil is known to be a diverse speaker - sharing a word of hope through humor, satire and authenticity.  Trained and educated in the arts, Phil strives to inspire and motivate others through life-giving lessons and illustrations.


Life Changing Art


When words miss the mark, Phil Brown uses creative live art to help his audience see what they cannot hear. Each piece created by Phil carries a powerful message to encourage and empower those who need it most.

What others are saying

"Phil has spoke for me on several occasions at my events. With each speaking, he was able to bring a motivational message through his words and his artwork" Coach Damien Bates, Frankston High School

"Phil is inspirational, current, relevant, real.....what he does works" Danny Phillips, FBC Baytown

"Through Phil's speaking and painting, our students were able to grasp and see scriptual teachings in a completely raw and real.  He's great for any kind of youth event! D-Now, Camps, leadership retreats, Fields of Faith, you name it!" Tyler Keese, Carpenters Cross



We know that we cannot do this alone and ask you to partner with us as we build this vision. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us to sustain this ongoing effort to reach this city through donations using your checking account, debit, or credit card. We greatly appreciate your support.

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